Kit Garoutte

 Kit Garoutte with his Bob Dill guitar (

"A guitar wizard with more than a sprinkle of magic!" -- Moe Dixon

While you can hear the influence of great guitarists from many genres in the music of fingerstyle guitarist and singer/songwriter Kit Garoutte ( Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Andres Segovia, Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, Michael Hedges, and Tommy Emmanuel...) you may recognize that Kit has developed a style all his own. It's jazz, folk, blues, r & b, funk, rock, new acoustic, classical, and more integrated into a personal flow of personal soulful communication to appeal to a broad listening audience.

As a singer/songwriter Kit's versatility is apparent, ranging from simple, heartfelt stories of Americana to joyful explorations of the "edge of the envelope" providing a wonderfully varied aural pallet to delight a diverse audience.

Throughout his musical life Kit has continued to relish the challenge of evolving toward ever higher and more satisfying levels of performance. Long experience has fueled and enriched his creative drive, and in fact you will hear that there is more joy, adventure and heart & soul in his playing han ever before. A lifetime of dedication to reach the deepest places within oneself and one's art will do that.


Please feel free to email to kitgaroutte@gmail.comvisit Kit's YouTube channel, search for Kit's albums "Every Kind of Life" and "Fra the Pod O'rn in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most of the popular digital music download sites. Your support is very helpful and very much appreciated, thank you! Keep on listenin'!

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